Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wiscasset practicum....

Yesterday I waxed poetic about my magical encounter; and while I can't guarantee transporting swan sightings every time, here are some Wiscasset spots that are dependably delightful.

This is "Rock, Paper, Scissors"  a shop devoted almost entirely to all things paper, owned and beautifully curated by the talented Erica Soule.  In fact, her knowledge and interests are so varied that she has a second shop (completely different but equally wonderful) down the street called "Smitten". 

Go here to marvel at the selection of antique French textiles (and rent an apartment in France from them while you're there!)

Now take your appetite to "Treats" for a vegetable terrine, an elegant sandwich, a giant cookie, or a special bottle of wine. 

A perfect afternoon.

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