Friday, September 16, 2011

and now the picture is complete....

Here are the pieces from the third (and final) installment of the Primoeza Collection No. 2! For those of you waiting to make a final decision until you had all the particulars.....your wait is now over.

Primoeza Landscape Sweater in rust. 100% wool. size small: bust 45cm (17.75"), length 58cm (22.75"). size medium: bust 47cm (18.5"), length 60cm (23.75"). size large: bust 50cm (19.75"), length 60cm (23.75"). $265.00

Landscape sweater in black. size small: bust 45cm (17.75"), length 58cm (22.75"). size medium: bust 47cm (18.5"), length 60cm (23.75"). size large: bust 50cm (19.75"), length 60cm (23.75"). $265.00

Primoeza Stripe Knit T. 100% alpaca. size small: bust 38cm (15"), length 48cm (19"). size medium: bust 41cm (16.25"), length 50cm (19.75"). size large: bust 43cm (17"), length 53cm (21"). $245

Primoeza Seedpod Scarf in charcoal. 192cm (75.5"). 100% alpaca. $165.00

Seedpod Scarf in rust. 192cm (75.5"). 100% alpaca. $165.00

Primoeza Landscape Wrap in cream. 152.4 x 61cm (60 x 24"). 100% merino wool.  $219.00

Primoeza Gridlines Wrap in charcoal melange. 137 x 58cm (54 x 23"). 100% merino wool. $179.00

Primoeza Gridlines Scarf in rust melange. 147 x 40.5cm (58 x 16"). 100% merino wool. $149.00

....and there you have it! Email or call 207.518.9018 to order!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

more for your consideration....

Everyone loves Primoeza! Thank you for all the supportive calls and emails---I'm so thrilled that everyone loves this project (and these knits!) as much as I do. To order, choose a size and color option, and send your order to me at I'll then be in touch with all the payment information. The "creation time" is 2-3 weeks. If you have any questions you'd like to ask, please feel free to call the shop @ 207-518-9018.  I love hearing from you!

get cozy.....

Primoeza Check Pocket Cardigan in grey. 100% alpaca with cotton trim. size small: bust 44cm (17.25"), length 54cm (21.25"). size medium: bust 48cm (19"), length 57cm (22.5"). size large: bust 52cm (20.5"), length 60cm (23.5")


Check Pocket Cardigan in oatmeal. 100% alpaca with cotton trim. size small: bust 44cm (17.25"), length: 54cm (21.25"). size medium: bust 48cm (19"), length 57cm (22.5"). size large: bust 52cm (20.5"), length 60cm (23.5").


Primoeza Cloudy Day Cardigan in bronze. 100% brushed alpaca. one size (open).  $265.00

Cloudy Day Cardigan in grey. 100% brushed alpaca. one size (open). $265.00

Pullovers, wraps, and scarves coming up next....

one of your very own....

For those of you who didn't make it to our soiree on Saturday afternoon, I am here to report that it was, without a doubt, the best event we've ever had. The creative match of Elizabeth and Maria was the  catalyst for the perfect mix of personalities.  Thanks and love to the darlings of More & Co.----Maria, Christopher, Ryan---all as generous, charming, and intelligent as they are creative.  Models Evan and Lynsey, thanks for beauty, atmosphere, and good conversation.  To everyone who came (most especially my darlings Lisa and Georgia) thank you, thank you.

For those of you in or near Portland, I have a full compliment of Primoeza samples in the shop for you to try and have the opportunity to order your own favorite from Collection No. 2. For those further away, I'll be putting up photos of the samples each day (with measurements), and you can place orders via  They'll be ready in about 2-3 weeks. As always, free shipping!

I love this photo of Elizabeth in the shop right before the party...

More of Elizabeth's photos of the shop here. More party pics here.  "Official" Collection No.2 photos by Maria Alexandra Vettese. The outtakes. And the wonderful moving images! Having the video projected at the party made the space look incredible. Thank you, RTS.

Without further ado...

Primoeza Ruffle Sleeve Dress in grey. 100% alpaca with wool trim. For the moment, in medium only. (this may change if demand warrants)  bust: 37cm (14.5"), length: 85cm (33.5") $325.00

Ruffle Sleeve Dress in Oatmeal. 100% alpaca with cotton trim. size medium. Bust: 37cm (14.5"), Length 85cm (33.5") $325.00

Ruffle Sleeve Dress in charcoal. 100% alpaca with linen/viscose trim. size medium. bust: 37cm (14.5"), length 85cm (33.5") $325.00

To order, just drop me a line at I'll be posting more luxurious made-to-order knitwear tomorrow!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

do the math....

If you take this--one incredibly talented and delightful knitwear designer from Melbourne--and this--the deft interpretations and expressive gifts of a superlative Portland, Maine-based creative studio---throw in the delightful atmosphere of chelliswilson., add cocktails, delicious food, and a few more surprises..... this is what happens.....

We are so thrilled to be hosting the launch party for Primoeza Collection No. 2, and welcoming to Maine its creator, Elizabeth Rayman Yong!  We'll have her beautiful work on hand and exclusive photos of the collection by Maria Alexandra Vettese.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 10th at 3:00, and please join us!