Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Maurer.....


This is the most extraordinary installation: "Lacrime del Pescatore" by Ingo Maurer.  Presented at Spazio Krizia in April,  "Tears of the Fisherman" (in English) is three nets, embedded with Swarovski crystals, suspended across a room.  A dimmable light source is attached to a wall separately, and the entire piece is attached to a pendulum so it moves in a rhythmic way....it breathes.  Just breathtaking.

He manages to be both profound and playful, respectively.  See photos of  "Egg Installation" and "Oh Man, It's a Ray!" here.   "The Poet of Light".....to be sure.

Also wry. And political. No one but Maurer would come up with this to protest new European guidelines banning incandescent lightbulbs.  Sigh.  He may just be the perfect man...

Even more Maurer....this delightful snippet about his retrospective at the Cooper-Hewitt.

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