Friday, February 18, 2011

the "things" speak....

At the approach of winter we are there.
Better than friends, in your sorrows we take no pleasure,
We have none of our own and no memory but yours.
We are the anchor of your future.
Patient as a border of beggars,
each hand holding out its whole treasure,

We will be all the points on your compass.
We will give you interest on yourself as you deposit yourself with us.
Be a gentleman: you acquired us when you needed us,
We do what we can to please, we have some beauty, we are helpless,
Depend on us.

W.S. Merwin

The title of that poem is "Things". Maybe that's what should be on the sign out front.....

new on the board....things and otherwise....

oh, ingo....


while it may not be very "presidential", the 25% off online sale code will remain "hellolover".

make of that what you will....

Monday, February 14, 2011

the oldest magic word....


 Cy Twombly: "The Wilder Shores of Love" 1985

hello, valentine....and fellow fools for love everywhere.....

To celebrate this day for longing, swooning, lamenting, mooning. kissing, canoodling, and crooning....

all clothing and jewelry will be 25% off this week in the shop and online with the code "hellolover" (what else?)  So send someone by who wants to be your valentine (or be your own valentine!).

To put you in the mood....

A love letter.  And two songs by Nina. Love found. Love lost.

And don't forget to put your chocolate fingerprints in all the right places....

Thursday, February 3, 2011

chief nourisher(s) in life's feast...

Well, Macbeth may think it's sleep, but not I.

Hello, dear reader. Thought it was about time for something substantive to appear in this space.  And while "chelliswilson." is not a personal blog per se, I am still the person behind it. And this person's "personal" has been a tad chaotic of late. Upheaval has reined supreme. At such times, when all one's miseries are clamoring for center stage, whatever is done for pleasure (gasp!) is rendered frivolous and shunted down the "to-do" list.  (Exhibit: this blog)  Fortunately, before I devolved into a completely morose character, I reminded myself why I read beautiful blogs and devour glossy periodicals---for the nourishment.  And, suddenly, blogging didn't seem so trivial after all.  If anything found here has bolstered up someone's dark day, reminded anyone why beauty was important, or given any beleaguered soul a sense of kinship, then that's more than enough reason to carry on.

And, so, I'd like to offer up a small sampling of the visual treats responsible for buoying up my little soul these days.

If I were to have an "architecture baby" with a certain west coast doppelganger, this is what it would look like.  Oh, and sexually speaking, this may be the architecture equivalent of the best orgasm you ever had...

Perfect chocolate. Earnest and true.

Miuccia. These are a few of her favorite things.

A taste of spring. English and French. Oh, and by the way, Miss Meg (who is 13) wants every piece of Chanel Couture Spring 2011....except two.  A small request, n'est-ce pas?

Imke surpasses herself. Jaw-dropping.

Mady Dooijes' infinitely inspiring tumblr, abandunce.

Everything Barbara Munsel.

Dateline "Ducktrapia".

Perfectly lovely online shopping. One. Two.

Yumiko Sekine's sane and ordered world.

Included in an imaginary letter beginning "Dear Benefactor"....

Wit rendered in Limoges.....fantasy baubles.....theatrical knickers....extraordinary flora.

And, last but not least, Rome.  Photo courtesy of my traveling son. 

And, of course, you, dear reader.  You bolster me most of all. Thank you.