Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A chill wind and a roast chicken...

...are two sure signs that autumn has finally arrived.   "chelliswilson." is having its seasonal shift, too. 

We have....
New loveliness from "le bouton" shown by Lisa here.  Wonderful designs in luxurious fabrics---a linen/silk underdress, the Tradition dress in an gorgeous muted merino/linen plaid...perfect.

Knitwear accessories by Primoeza created by Elizabeth Yong and a selection of pieces from Modaspia by Ursula Dean.  Both new to "chelliswilson.", both meticulously rendered, both sumptuous.
First arrivals of the "chelliswilson." line---an easy, feminine top (there's a dress, too!) in this exquisite linen print fabric by Nani Iro.
Quietly elegant new fog linen work with more to come.

Pure artistry, romanticism, the stuff of dreams....Tracy Johnson's jewelry is extraordinary and must be worn to be truly appreciated.  I have a wealth of new treasures by Tracy, with some new pieces in silver.  I'll be devoting an entire post soon to photos of this exquisite jewelry.

And.....two boxes of this have been "en route" for nearly eight weeks. (sigh)  I do know one thing---the clothing is gorgeous. And worth the wait. Stay tuned....

Detail from these amazing fabric necklaces by the infinitely creative Imke Klee.  Imke is not only a gifted photographer, she's a member of Li Edelkoort's influential Trend Union team.  Job title? "Iconographic Researcher". Don't you love that?

Miss Margaret's chili harvest.....fog dress....

new Selvedge

And in addition to all that, I also have a most exciting announcement!  For the holiday, we will be revisiting the concept of our most beloved art exhibit.  Opening Friday, December 3rd:

"Come Darkness, Here We Are Again"
 curated by Maria Alexandra Vettese

If you've forgotten how beautiful the first "Come Darkness" show was, take peek here.  Mark your calendar!