Monday, April 11, 2011

ioneta for chelliswilson. presents "found" (part 2)

   "ghost quilt"

   boro detail

 stack of zabutons
chinese burl brushwash

another boro detail...

wall of vintage vernacular photographs 

This is such a diverse and personal collection!  What I've shown here is just a sampling, but I hope I've managed to convey the spirit of the show---I really love having it here.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ioneta for chelliswilson. presents "found" (part 1)

ioneta for chelliswilson. presents: "found"
a curated grouping of indigo textiles, mid-century pottery, and vintage vernacular photography
on view until april 30th 2011

gorgeous indigo boro futonji (sold) and a "ghost quilt" we created from examples of zokin, patched boro, and a katazome diaper!

 a captivating, ethereal sculpture by artist & antique dealer, ross levett

 a heavily patched noragi (work coat)

zanshi-ori (left over threads) striped piece

roll of asa fabric (mosquito netting)

asa kaya patched boro

All these stunning pieces are available for purchase---call the shop or email for pricing.