Thursday, September 3, 2009

A day for lovely women....

I have had the most delightful and affirming day.  And I have some wonderful women to thank.  My day began with an email from Masami (whose lovely creations under the label "Cocon" have just arrived in the shop!), directing me to her blog.  She had written such a warm and generous post about chelliswilson. (and about my darling Lisa of Le Bouton!)----I was so touched.

My second encounter should be preceeded by an announcement:           ** Please come by tomorrow evening for our First Friday festivities!  On view will be floral images (think of it as our "please don't let summer end!" show..)--- encaustics by photographer Shoshannah White and paintings by
Sara Lemieux.  We'll be having Prosecco (which pretty much serves as the "house" libation) and orange cardamom madeleines, so bring your lust for beauty and your sweet tooth and come "wet your whistle"!! (as my father used to say...)**  On to my second encounter....

I met Shoshannah for the first time this afternoon.  She's warm and engaging and we chatted up a storm about people and interests in common.  Not to mention her huge talent.

Later in the afternoon, Maria Vettese brought me copies of books from the "Lines & Shapes" series which, I'm excited to say, are now sold at chelliswilson.  Maria should be known as "The Woman of Myriad Abilities"---an artist in the mediums of art direction, styling, photography, writing and letterpress printing!  She co-curates "Lines & Shapes" (a book collective) and is half the talented duo (along with Stephanie Congdon Barnes) of "3191 Miles Apart" which consists of a website and two books: the first, "A Year of Mornings" published in 2008 by Princeton Architectural Press, and the second, "3191: Evenings" published by Other Books this October (also available here in the shop!).  I've been a "fan" of Maria's for years and I am happy to report that she's thoroughly captivating and delicately elegant.  And I embrace the opportunity to know her better!

I must also give a "Thank you" to Imke.  That's transcendent....I have no words.

Such an amazing group of all inspire me.

Thank you, again.

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  1. You are very lucky! Your shop looks lovely, I'll have to stop in the next time I'm in Maine. Absolutely love everything from Lisa (Le Bouton).