Saturday, September 19, 2009

Holland on the Hudson...

Thanks to John Bielenberg (the force behind Project M, which I've mentioned before),  I discovered this incredible festival---Pioneers of Change.  Part of NY400, this brilliant event was brought to fruition by Renny Ramakers, co-founder and director of Droog Design.  Full of thought-provoking content, presented in an arresting and elegant way, I guarantee that there's plenty of visual and intellectual material here to keep you riveted for hours.  I couldn't possibly due justice to the festival's scope in one blog post, but I wanted to give you a taste of my favorite highlights.  Each "house" is one of eleven former commanding officers' houses on Governor's Island transformed by Dutch designers.

House 8A:  A reaction against society's obsession with speed.  "Go Slow"

House 7A: Urban Farming....making agriculture attractive..,.

And my absolute favorite....House 17 featuring the work of the Dutch fashion collective "Painted".  I read their mission and I was immediately smitten.

"Painted, led by Saskia van Drimmelen, Margreet Sweerts and Desiree Hammen, shows off schedule collections created by themselves and invited designers in league with Bulgarian artisans, all working on each garment sequentially.  With a conviction that newness doesn't necessarily equal advancement, the collective embraces the handmade as opposed to the mass produced, creating personalized slow garments growing out of many hands in fellowship.  Painted Series marries nearly forgotten techniques with sharply stylized couture in unique pieces, inventively preserving bygone skills."

Oh! How I'd love to have these amazing garments in the shop!


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