Monday, November 28, 2011

embrace tradition....

In our third year, works by three supremely talented artists. Three's a charm. Please join us this First Friday as we celebrate the dark time of the year!

***AMAZING party! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate!

Friday, November 4, 2011

witty and provocative....

We are so pleased to have artist Katharine Whild's "Wardrobe in the Window" at "chelliswilson." for the month of November. A delightful and compelling meditation of the meaning and power of dress, Whild's work poses questions about our relationship with our wardrobes, and provides a provocative counterpoint to the wearables in the shop. 
From the artist's statement:

Fashion is a huge industry and we are, after all, only the same animal underneath. Why all the fuss? Of course, people dress to satisfy the cultural requirements of their society. The repercussions of not doing so can be dire. But we take it farther. We play with beauty, with roles, with power....This complicated relationship with our bodies, magical thinking, and the cultural persona is a gold mine for the artist. Especially one who likes to play with unexpected materials and have a little fun with humanity in the process.

Sidebar: On a remotely related, but completely personal note, when I first saw Katharine's pieces, I exclaimed, "Unwearables!". This is a reference to the work of a performance artist character in this beloved 1995 film. An old favorite....

Tonight is Portland's First Friday Art Walk. Please celebrate our new show with us---we'll start pouring Prosecco at six!