Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seduction scenario....

This is a detail from the 19th century French settee that resides at the front of the shop. To invite you to linger. Or read. On the floor next to it is a tall stack of Selvedge magazines---I have nearly every one. Before five, a brewing pot of coffee. After five, a glass of good wine. In a crystal glass. We could listen to this. Yes, it's all part of my elaborate plot to attract lovely (not to mention witty, wry, intelligent, attractive, brave, loyal, true, and reverent...) people into my retail "lair". To that end, I've decided to use this image on my new postcards, which I'll be distributing all around Portland later this week. And, if all of the above isn't quite enough lure you to our doorstep, we're giving a 10% discount to anyone who comes in with our pink postcard in hand. If your home is elsewhere, and you think you might be coming this way, I'll be happy to mail you one. Just send me your address!

A special "Thank you" to Erica (and adorable Leon) for driving up from Cambridge to be at our party and for her loyal, enthusiastic support of Lisa. I loved the post and the pictures (inspiration board! It lives in the dressing room...). And if anyone is curious...yes! I'm happy to take phone orders.

It's very late here on the east coast. Since you're up, I recommmend that you step out into the summer night, gaze up at the sky, and look for this. Be transported. Think of someone you love who's far away. Under the same sky.

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