Friday, August 21, 2009

Incredible integrity, no production...

Lika Volkova SANS by SMAC: ScribeMedia Arts & Culture Channel.

This fascinating, iconoclastic creature is Lika Volkova, and she holds the opinion that there is no such thing as an "eco-friendly" clothing line; simply by virtue of the fact that more "stuff" is being created and, as a result, more waste.  Not to mention the fact that any company producing fashion, no matter how well-intentioned, is part of a massive, carbon-fueled production chain.  There's also the sad reality that most "eco" clothing is poorly designed and not particularly compelling.  Volkova's solution to this dilemma is to merely design and not produce a single item.  Her line, SANS, is available from her website as downloadable patterns, so that each customer, by creating the actual design themselves, ends up with a garment that is truly "local". Her ethos and execution are thoroughly refreshing....even to a retailer.  This honest assessment of the realities of the fashion business makes me even more committed to supporting small designers whose work is in no way connected to industrial production.
Slow design at its best.

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