Sunday, November 29, 2009 & revisited

On this post-Thanksgiving weekend,  I've been thinking (amidst the "Black Friday" hype and the consumer spending predictions) about the fact that I'm one of "them".  Retailers, that is.  A group portrayed as woeful and desperate one day, and as marketing fiends trying to abscond with your wallet the next.  And, while I like to think of "chelliswilson." as a place to exchange ideas, find like-minded people, and to surprise and delight with my "finds",  I'm still in business, not only survive, but to profit.  To this end, I feel especially grateful to all the people in the "inspired. in the shop." column to the right. Their work is not only beautiful, but honorable.  No shilling required. Phew.

Maira Kalman & SANS redux:  After finally seeing "Food, Inc." (twice) last week, I've been full of thoughts about what's necessary to reverse the damage done to our planet, our culture, our families, our souls by the consumerized and industrialized culture that's numbed and trivialized us for far too long.  In her Thanksgiving blog post for the New York Times, Maira Kalman (I posted about her previously here) expressed perfectly everything I'd been feeling in a hopeful and charming way.  I originally posted about the visionary work of Lika Volkova in August. When I saw the SANS Spring 2010 collection, I was just blown away by its originality and beauty.


In other news...

This weekend's lovely blog find: Paper Castle Press.

And I'm in love with this marvel of incredible retail perfection.  In my opinion, this is the standard by which the rest of us should be judged.  OK, then, back to work....

But first, I want to go play here.

Last of all,  a little early holiday gift: enter the code "pogo20" in the online shop, and receive 20% off through Friday, December 4th!

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