Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thank you to Maria and our amazing artists!

Attention!  The "Come Darkness" website is now up!  Go to and have the pleasure of seeing each piece individually. 

As the privileged soul spending the month with this beautiful installation,  I want to take the opportunity to thank each artist here, and to provide my readers with links, so they can become better acquainted with these talented creators.

Thank you...

Natalie Abadzis, Rinne Allen, Stephanie Congdon Barnes, Kevin Bauman, Loraine Bergevoet, Yu-I Chan, Lena Corwin, Renilde de Peuter, Stephen Eichhorn, Xavier Encinas, Karin Eriksson, Fog Linen Work, Karen Gelardi, Jim Green, Friederike Hamann, Brigitte Heinsch, Reka Kiraly, Hanna Konola, Caitlin Mociun, Moontree Letterpress, Fanja Ralison, Christopher David Ryan, George Song, Natalie Tweedie, Stephanie Waddell, and Molly Wizenberg.

And, most especially, to Maria.


 photo by Maria Alexandra Vettese


  1. A beautiful installation!
    Each piece is exquisite. I wish I could see them all in person.

  2. I loved walking home and happening upon this on my way down pleasant street.

    Thank you!

  3. beautiful instalation! it's all so gorgeous- every single piece.

  4. The show looks stunning, I love the combination of different artists balanced by the same sense of style. I wish I could see the show in person and visit this wonderful space! maybe soon.....

  5. it's a beautiful, and (fittingly) nocturnal installation. what a special evening!

  6. love it all! i hope you make it a tradition to have these!

  7. oh...what an amazing shop and the art!!! happy to find it.

  8. Great selection of art. And the installation is a work of art itself!

  9. PURE simplicity in its most beautiful and honest way.
    Love it. x