Sunday, October 18, 2009

The School of Life...

I always had the sneaking suspicion that I was in need of this, but I never realized there was an actual storefront!  Yes, a tutorial on your own existence, edited into a mere five courses: LOVE, POLITICS, WORK, PLAY, FAMILY.  The syllabi for these courses were invented by writers, artists, actors and academics. (the sanest people I know!)

But the enlightenment doesn't stop there!

The School of Life has an in-house travel agency---endorsed by Alain de Botton, no less!--to help send you off on an expansive holiday.

And to make sure your library is relevant:  "blbliotherapists".

Practice the art of stimulating discourse at Conversation Dinners (and Breakfasts).

Even "Sermons" delivered by "maverick cultural figures" (remember: they're Brits. Probably the word "maverick" doesn't automatically make them think of you-know-who...) on topics like "Loving Your Ego", "Envy", "Seduction", "Risk" and, last but not least, "Good Design".

Attend an Event!  How about "How to be Cool" or "How to Eat".  Or the one that should be mandatory, "How to be a Better Lover".  (Hmmm...wonder what kind of party favors they give out at that one...?)

And, if after all that, you still aren't sufficiently "tweaked-up", The School of Life has a coterie of psychotherapists on hand to help you "tour your own psyche".

OH!  I almost forgot!  Don't forget to sign up for your "Daily Aphorism"!

There.  All our problems are solved.  Wasn't that easy?

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