Thursday, October 8, 2009

Green Acres is the place to be....

(photo: Valerio Mezzanoti for the New York Times)
Chanel living is the life for me??  If the above isn't the perfect embodiment of an oxymoron, nothing is.  Or perhaps Lagerfeld is as enamored of Li Edelkoort as I am.  When you consider her projects in recent years---"A World of Folk" which suggests a tendency towards a more "unplugged" way of life, highlighting that "many of us want a more "acoustic" lifestyle and believe in a better future with organic food, rainwater, solar energy, biofuel, manually made tools, folk music and modern rural design."; and  the Designhuis (an Edelkoort initiative) exhibit "Farm" by Studio Job, which beautifully elevates the iconography of rural living--- it's not as shocking to think of Chanel going off in this direction (albeit in a tongue-in-cheek way).  I guess we know who's been reading The General Trend Book....

This video gives a fascinating glimpse into her perfectly curated life.  Where do I sign up?


  1. Too late... Chellis Wilson IS a declaration of the ability to design a perfectly curated life. However you've done it flawlessly and effortless.