Sunday, October 25, 2009

le bouton for chelliswilson.

In the first round of "le bouton for chelliswilson.",  we have the "one tuck dress", the "one tuck tunic", and the "side pleats" skirt, all in beautiful charcoal wool suiting. (the skirt and the dress have pockets lined in blue or pink silk!)  We're also offering bespoke service if the piece you love isn't available in your size.  Email me or call the shop for pricing and availability.


  And for anyone curious about what goes on in the shop on those days when I'm "closed" (but still working!),  I'll leave you with a gratuitous family photo : Miss Margaret diligently working on a writing project, while (out of the frame)  I'm doing my best to distract her, dancing around the room....

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  1. so happy to see more of lisa's work. leon and i will have to drop by once we return to the east coast.