Saturday, November 27, 2010

the lure of the season...

photo: Emilie Faif

In case you were wondering what lusting after something in a shop window really looks like....

As winter approaches---bare trees and early darkness---the shop has transitioned nicely to embody the idea of living well in a cold climate. Coziness, home, the sensuousness of being swathed in pleasing textures, something delightful for a child, charcoal wools, enchanting prints, curling up with an inspiring book, beautiful jewels to mark an occasion or carry on a tradition---an investment on so many levels, art that celebrates both the beauty of degeneration and the coming darkness....all a prescription for late autumn and holiday cheer.  In this spirit, we're offering the work of all our amazing creators at 15% off through Thursday, December 2nd.  If you're in Portland, please do meander up Pleasant Street and pay us a visit.  If you are one of our dear online friends from away (or a local who prefers to shop in pajamas!) use the code "GATHER15" at our virtual address

A huge "Thank you!" to all our loyal friends!!


  1. i have been focusing all of my energy and time on preparing my home for winter. i wish i could stop by for a visit, the shop is always so inspiring! i've been squirreling away ideas and images found on various blogs.

    i just bought a fog linen work vega skirt from pod in boston and am loving the warmth and cosiness of it. now if only i could knit myself a pullover to go with it!

  2. Beautiful description. So inviting. Wishing I could join you in the shop for a cup of tea.