Thursday, July 1, 2010

What I was doing last Saturday....

...when, perhaps, I should have been working.  This was Miss Margaret's requested birthday activity.  As you will see, my girl has very good taste. We sailed out of Camden Harbor with the crew of the Schooner Olad far out into breathtaking Penobscot Bay.  We saw eagles, seals, and a porpoise!  Yes, this is why people fall in love with Maine.

And after all that...we had an incredible birthday dinner here.  Just about perfect...


  1. barbara, i had to laugh - my cat is called primo.

  2. Yes, we're officially the serendipity twins...

  3. and i introduced you two..

    barbara! i just saw you in a magazine here in mill valley, ca called Boho? flipping through it i saw a piece on portland, maine and there was the store and there you were my dear in a very pretty print dress.

  4. so beautiful where you are...and this yacht !!!
    it makes us want to saling in your day!!
    (I sent the package today..).

  5. oh barbara, that just looks devine- what a perfect birthday! (happy birthday margareth) and the food looks so delicious, i am hungry now! x