Wednesday, July 14, 2010

embody this...

And that's just the opening salvo....     This is the EVER Manifesto.  Go here to find their modus operandi, thoughtful interviews, and details of many thought-provoking projects.  Of course, I love everything the EVER Manifesto represents about the possibilities of seeing fashion (and the commerce inherent therein...) from an entirely different angle.   When we operate according to these principles, so much that's been lost is returned to us.  Beauty. Craftsmanship. Trust. The inestimable value of honest exchange.  A quote from Norwegian designer Siri Johansen distills these values perfectly:

When purchasing a garment, you are not only investing in a piece to treasure for years, you are investing in the integrity of the process it took to make that garment.

This is how I feel about every piece (garments as well as other treasures...) at "chelliswilson."  And the spirit of the work comes from each designer's commitment to aesthetics and process.  I've just updated the online shop with new treasures---clothing for women and girls, reading material, a gorgeous necklace, and two magical handmade dolls.  It's my hope that all the lovely people who read this blog and have been so supportive from afar will feel that the shop is available to being around the (virtual) corner!

other snippets of loveliness...

pure poetry.  "memory clothing" by Aurore Thibout

Above exquisite pillow slip is a prop from this glorious film created by a master embroidery designer.

Find someone who makes you feel tongue-tied and silly.

Lastly, here's my new fantasy hideaway.  From Mady, who feeds my dreams.

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