Thursday, June 10, 2010

a "perpetual fascination with the built world"...

I usually don't think of poetry and furniture in the same breath, but when searching for the right words to describe the lyrical quality of Jonas Eule's  Weather Furniture Works, I kept coming back to Pablo Neruda and his Odes to Common Things.  Jonas is a true artisan, marrying handcrafted workmanship to a mid-century aesthetic.  Yet his work is never precious.  Instead, each piece is imbued with a deep respect for the utilitarian, the physical act of making; they exude maturity,  even gravitas, as if they had been in one's family for a generation.  This is an apt description of the craftsman as well.  At twenty-six, Jonas exudes an earnest passion for his craft and an impressive depth of knowledge.  You owe it to yourself to come by and see his work.  These are stories of wood and tools and history and wit.

the faithful table that sustains our dreams and life...

Bring me a chair
in the midst of thunder,
a chair for me
and for everyone
not only 
to relieve
an exhausted body
for every purpose
and for every person
for squandered strength
and for meditation.


  1. The chairs are especially gorgeous! Is he selling them or just exhibiting?

  2. Hi, Kim! Yes, those chairs are absolutely for sale! I'd be happy to email you all the details. The concept of the pieces and the methods of construction are really fascinating.