Wednesday, June 2, 2010

beautiful bijoux....

Bijoux.  That's the name I've given to our exhibition of new work featuring award-winning jeweler Tracy Johnson and fashion designer Lisa Dorr, beginning this First Friday evening from 5 until 8 pm.  Because "bijoux" makes one think of jewels, secret treasures, surprises and delights.  A more archaic meaning of bijou is "small and elegant".  And that's a phrase that describes the enterprises of both these talented designer/makers so perfectly.  Each in her own studio, solitary and focused, creating work that exudes thoughtfulness, personality, true worth.  And beauty.  Visual, textural, conceptual---the real thing.  And, as a bonus, both lines just happen to be local, hailing from Harpswell and Vinalhaven Island, respectively.

So, if you're anywhere near our street this Friday evening, come celebrate with us and indulge your senses.  We'll have your glass of Prosecco chilling and a treat or two. (I think I'm going to be whipping up meringues with a recipe from here, and another from my newest cookbook recommended by the wonderful duo at Rabelais.)  Something Baroque.  Because what else can you call an evening full of jewels and frocks?  Because a little touch of the excessive is good for what ails us, right?

Here are some photos to tempt you in our direction.  Even more tempting is the knowledge that most of what you'll be seeing on Friday is so new that it has yet to be photographed....guess you'll just have to come and see for yourself...

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