Friday, July 24, 2009

hopelessly devoted...

In case you were wondering....

My favorite design element in the shop is the iconic Zettel'z suspension light by Ingo Maurer. An iconoclast of the first order, Maurer's designs are full of wit, occasionally outrageous, always impeccable. The Zettel'z has a mesh-covered cylinder at it's center into which red-tipped wires (in two sizes) are inserted. Each wire has a tiny clip at its end to hold the "notes". The piece comes half completed: some of the papers included are love notes in various languages. The rest are blank and sent in an envelope with a directive in Maurer's handwriting: "This lamp needs a co-designer with fantasy and patience.---I.M." And so, I've asked a variety of creative types in my life to contribute an "original" to this effort. I'll have the results on display the evening of our gathering. Then we can add them to the light and watch it grow before our very eyes! (since we'll be serving Prosecco, perhaps I should appoint a "designated" ladder climber?)

I must also confess that I'm hoping that the Maurer also serves as "architect bait". I'm a huge architecture buff ("Sketches of Frank Gehry" is one of my favorite movies! Directed by Sydney!), so nothing would please me more than having architects as new friends and customers. And I'm not above a cheap ploy.

So that's the Ingo Maurer story. I love him.

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