Friday, July 31, 2009

Exceeds all expectations...

When I made the decision to open a venue (I like to refer to it as a "venue" instead of a "shop" because, in my heart of hearts, I really want to create a social space, a creative community, where ideas are exchanged as often as currency.), I was clear that in lieu of frequenting trade shows, that I'd do my own detective work---independently seeking out designer/makers whose work inspired me personally. Less pure commerce, more curating and mentoring. Far more satisfying overall. Well, occasionally in this life, reality can actually exceed expectations. One such instance has been the opportunity to work with the thoroughly lovely Abigail Percy. Throughout the entire process, from initial contact to the order arriving on the doorstep, she was a shining example of warmth, grace, and equanimity. (even while I was tearing my hair out with the "Paypal follies"---it's an "in" joke...) Then, of course, there's the absolutely stunning jewelry. It's gorgeous. Without exception, every customer's been smitten. And then there's the way it feels in your hand....let's just say it always elicits a very impressed "hush".

So, thank you, Abigail. Exceptional work from an exceptional woman. A pleasure.


  1. Reading posts like this remind me just how lucky I am...she's a truly fantastic person and I love her more than I knew was possible...

  2. I just love seeing your display Barbara... everything looks fantastic.

    Can't wait to see more sneak peeks from the store! Thanks so much for being a gem to work with too :)