Friday, February 18, 2011

the "things" speak....

At the approach of winter we are there.
Better than friends, in your sorrows we take no pleasure,
We have none of our own and no memory but yours.
We are the anchor of your future.
Patient as a border of beggars,
each hand holding out its whole treasure,

We will be all the points on your compass.
We will give you interest on yourself as you deposit yourself with us.
Be a gentleman: you acquired us when you needed us,
We do what we can to please, we have some beauty, we are helpless,
Depend on us.

W.S. Merwin

The title of that poem is "Things". Maybe that's what should be on the sign out front.....

new on the board....things and otherwise....

oh, ingo....


while it may not be very "presidential", the 25% off online sale code will remain "hellolover".

make of that what you will....

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