Sunday, May 9, 2010

shameless maternal bragging...

Miss Meg is among the young authors being published here!  Congratulations, my love!

Spring 2010


Thank you to all the lovely, dedicated people at The Telling Room from one excited girl and her proud mother!  A Portland treasure.

Happy Mother's Day! (where appropriate...)   Miss Meg and I chose to spend "Mother's Day Eve" cuddled on the bed, eating ice cream sandwiches, and watching classic Rocky and Bullwinkle.  Good times...


  1. congrats! you must be so proud, i would.

  2. ooh, i remember being published for the first time when i was 12, it was such a huge moment for me. congrats to meg!!

  3. Thank you, ladies!! And Erica, Meg was so impressed by you and the fact that you were both a mother and a doctoral student. Your praise was HUGE for her---thank you so much!