Sunday, November 29, 2009 & revisited

On this post-Thanksgiving weekend,  I've been thinking (amidst the "Black Friday" hype and the consumer spending predictions) about the fact that I'm one of "them".  Retailers, that is.  A group portrayed as woeful and desperate one day, and as marketing fiends trying to abscond with your wallet the next.  And, while I like to think of "chelliswilson." as a place to exchange ideas, find like-minded people, and to surprise and delight with my "finds",  I'm still in business, not only survive, but to profit.  To this end, I feel especially grateful to all the people in the "inspired. in the shop." column to the right. Their work is not only beautiful, but honorable.  No shilling required. Phew.

Maira Kalman & SANS redux:  After finally seeing "Food, Inc." (twice) last week, I've been full of thoughts about what's necessary to reverse the damage done to our planet, our culture, our families, our souls by the consumerized and industrialized culture that's numbed and trivialized us for far too long.  In her Thanksgiving blog post for the New York Times, Maira Kalman (I posted about her previously here) expressed perfectly everything I'd been feeling in a hopeful and charming way.  I originally posted about the visionary work of Lika Volkova in August. When I saw the SANS Spring 2010 collection, I was just blown away by its originality and beauty.


In other news...

This weekend's lovely blog find: Paper Castle Press.

And I'm in love with this marvel of incredible retail perfection.  In my opinion, this is the standard by which the rest of us should be judged.  OK, then, back to work....

But first, I want to go play here.

Last of all,  a little early holiday gift: enter the code "pogo20" in the online shop, and receive 20% off through Friday, December 4th!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pogo and Dad...

This is the seminal holiday text of my childhood.  Between this, and the other rousing family favorite, "Good King Sauerkraut looked out, On his feets un-e-ven...", it's incredible that I'm able to correctly spout the words of any Christmas carol.  My father was a classics scholar and, therefore, singing the Anglicized "O Come All Ye Faithful" was strictly verboten. It was "Adeste Fideles" or nothing.  So, here's to Richard B. who, if he were still here among the living, would be ninety-eight next Thursday.  I raise my glass (preferably with a Gibson in it) to dear old Dad, with his bespoke suit, his old school tie, and his fedora.  A "Mad Men" original. They just don't make 'em like that any more.

Oh, yes, and while you're at it, put this on the stereo, too.

Merry Christmas....1963.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Come and see me!

Here it is...our new online shop for chelliswilson.!  We've started out with a small grouping of garments exclusive to the shop, but I'll be adding more offerings soon.  Hope you see something that pleases! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 New Reasons to Visit Us...

Thanks to the talent and generosity of Imke Klee, and the able assistance of Drew Wilen at Art House here in Portland, "Le Jeune Fille Rural" was not only seen... Paris @ "Archeology of the Future: 20 of Trend Forecasting with Li Edelkoort" my favorite magazine

But also right here in the shop!!

And on the parental front....

If you stroll past the shop window on any given afternoon, you're likely to see this young writer/artist working away.  Read some of Miss Margaret's work here.  (Seen here with Lisa's (le bouton studio) daughter, Frances, this summer....a formidable pair.)  And, yes, I realize that the purpose of this blog is to further art and commerce and not to shamelessly brag about my sue me.

And the third new reason to visit "chelliswilson." is that, as of Friday, you can pay us a call no matter where you live, 'cause we're going to be online!!  This is especially good news for anyone hoping to snap up one of our "le bouton for chelliswilson." exclusives!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thank you to Maria and our amazing artists!

Attention!  The "Come Darkness" website is now up!  Go to and have the pleasure of seeing each piece individually. 

As the privileged soul spending the month with this beautiful installation,  I want to take the opportunity to thank each artist here, and to provide my readers with links, so they can become better acquainted with these talented creators.

Thank you...

Natalie Abadzis, Rinne Allen, Stephanie Congdon Barnes, Kevin Bauman, Loraine Bergevoet, Yu-I Chan, Lena Corwin, Renilde de Peuter, Stephen Eichhorn, Xavier Encinas, Karin Eriksson, Fog Linen Work, Karen Gelardi, Jim Green, Friederike Hamann, Brigitte Heinsch, Reka Kiraly, Hanna Konola, Caitlin Mociun, Moontree Letterpress, Fanja Ralison, Christopher David Ryan, George Song, Natalie Tweedie, Stephanie Waddell, and Molly Wizenberg.

And, most especially, to Maria.


 photo by Maria Alexandra Vettese

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Come Darkness" is here!

Maria did the install this morning, and it's so lovely!  Please come by tomorrow during the First Friday Art Walk and celebrate the opening with us!  And a "thank you" to the Portland Press Herald for giving us a special mention.

Here's a sneak preview:


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Conceptual brilliance...

These beautifully composed images all document the work of self-described "Eating Designer" Marije Vogelzang and "Proef" the conceptual food studio/restaurant in Amsterdam.  A graduate of the Design Academy in Eindhoven, her work explores the social, personal, and cultural aspects of eating-- as much about art and ritual as it is about cuisine.  I recently discovered Marije while following the incredible "Pop! Tech" conference (held recently in Camden, Maine) where she was a speaker. Her installation "Pasta Sauna" opens tomorrow at Performa in NY.