Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 New Reasons to Visit Us...

Thanks to the talent and generosity of Imke Klee, and the able assistance of Drew Wilen at Art House here in Portland, "Le Jeune Fille Rural" was not only seen... Paris @ "Archeology of the Future: 20 of Trend Forecasting with Li Edelkoort" my favorite magazine

But also right here in the shop!!

And on the parental front....

If you stroll past the shop window on any given afternoon, you're likely to see this young writer/artist working away.  Read some of Miss Margaret's work here.  (Seen here with Lisa's (le bouton studio) daughter, Frances, this summer....a formidable pair.)  And, yes, I realize that the purpose of this blog is to further art and commerce and not to shamelessly brag about my sue me.

And the third new reason to visit "chelliswilson." is that, as of Friday, you can pay us a call no matter where you live, 'cause we're going to be online!!  This is especially good news for anyone hoping to snap up one of our "le bouton for chelliswilson." exclusives!


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