Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My favorite....


I absolutely adore this photograph by the amazing Imke Klee. I found her work on Etsy, was especially delighted with her color letter cards, meticulous assemblages of objects, beautifully documented. I had no idea that she had worked as a photographer, stylist, and iconographic researcher (isn't "iconographic researcher" just about the coolest job description ever...) for my design heroine, Li Edelkoort, until I looked very closely at this card, and noticed a tiny version of the above photo, which I had originally seen in the May/June issue of Selvedge (and had fallen completely in love!). Do you see it?

colour letter card (black)

I'm obsessed. I have a fantasy about having them made into wallpaper panels, in the style of Tracy Kendall and Deborah Bowness, only more beautiful. If you want to gaze and admire more...go here.

And here's Imke in chelliswilson.

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